Good Works Day In The Life

Event Coming Saturday, December 7th, 2024

What is Day In The Life?

It's An Event

DAY IN THE LIFE takes place on Saturday, December 7th starting at 9:00 AM in Athens.  Our goal is to bring people together to learn about the particular struggles of those who experience homelessness in rural Ohio.  Our staff and volunteers are leading an event with activities that are both “kid-friendly” AND for adults.  Come and join us!  To learn more, you can contact us through, or call us at 740.594.3339

It's A Fundraiser

DAY IN THE LIFE is also a yearly fundraiser for Good Works.  Funds marked DITL will all go to support the Good Works Timothy House, our shelter for adults and children who experience homelessness in 8 counties in southeast Ohio.  Monies donated cover staffing, utilities, insurance, repairs and some food supplies (most of our food is donated).  We estimate that one-day to operate the Timothy House costs about $500.00.  In 2023, funds given for DITL covered 156 days of shelter, care and community.

1 x 500 x 365

Why Day In The Life?

Good Works is entirely supported by donations

The community of Good Works only works when we work together.  So, we need your help!  The goal of DAY IN THE LIFE is to raise funds to cover as many days as possible in the life of The Timothy House each year.  These funds cover staffing, utilities, insurance, repairs and some food and supplies (although most of our food and supplies are donated).  We estimate one day to be about $500.00

Some History

For 17 consecutive years, Good Works sponsored The Good Works WALK (originally called The Walk For The Homeless) to create an experience through which participants could better understand the situation of poverty and homelessness and to raise funds for The Good Works Timothy House. This annual event was held initially in January to celebrate the vision and values of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and eventually moved to February to accommodate the changes in the Ohio University schedule. February 23, 2019 was the last WALK.

Some Statistics


Good Works has provided more than 130,000 nights of shelter to men, women and children experiencing homelessness in rural Ohio.


Historically, Good Works has provided about 21,000 meals a year to adults and children who experience hunger and food insecurity here in rural Ohio.


The Timothy House is the only home for adults and children experiencing homelessness in 8 rural southeast Ohio counties. Good Works must locate about $180,000 each year (about $500 a day) to fund The Timothy House.

The VISION for Day In The Life

raise funds

The Vision for GOOD WORKS DAY IN THE LIFE is to raise as many “days” as possible to fund the Good Works Timothy House in 2025.  This fundraiser takes place now through December 31, 2024.  Donate Now, or send a gift to Good Works at P.O. Box 4  Athens, OH 45701.

How can I help?


Contribute $500 to provide funding for one day of shelter, food, care and community for adults and children who experience homelessness in rural Ohio. All checks should be written to Good Works with “DITL” written on the memo line.


You can step out and find friends or family to help you reach the goal of raising $500.00. ASK your friends and family to help you.  You can donate by check and also donate on-line through our secure website.


If you would like to honor a friend or relative and would like to select a particular day of the year, we would be delighted to send a card to the person you choose, and express that a gift to Good Works was made in honor of them.  Email us for more information.

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